Why Fox

We develop and champion strategies that help businesses accelerate and benefit from the shift to a web market

Since 2005 Fox has helped some of New Zealand’s leading companies anticipate and create business value from website and other digital and Internet development trends. Our unique, hybrid approach – part imagination, part content strategy, part UI design, part practical engineering, part marketing consultancy – fosters innovation and transformation in our clients’ digital communications. Our diverse team knows its stuff and is endlessly exploring. This passion allow us to look creatively at business challenges, and enables us to help clients think more strategically and creatively themselves about the products, services and business models that will ensure their long-term competitiveness.

Focus on Website Impact

Our mission is to identify and effectively communicate your brand’s point of difference in a digital format. There are over 2 billion websites on the Internet, your goal and our challenge should be to achieve distinctiveness.

Emphasis on Website and Web App User Experience

We bring a deep understanding of the web User Experience to our projects. No matter how pretty a house is, it only works if people can live in it. We are experts in Responsive Design and can offer our clients websites and web apps that scale to a full range of screen sizes across web browsers and mobile devices.

Agile Web Development Process

Web projects are seldom linear progressions and require agile processes to succeed. Our approach is to work closely and transparently with you. We despise those in any industry that adopt smoke and mirrors tactics to sell or create unrealistic expectations. We begin by establishing clear expectations and open and consistent lines of communication. We analyse your feedback at every step and perform modifications and alterations to ensure the deliverable product meets your requirements and your budget.

Quality Solutions

We use best practices in domain-driven design, behavioural-driven development, and object oriented engineering, to create robust anddependable solutions. We choose technologies not based on whether they are the flavor of the day, but whether they are the right tools for the job. We believe that software engineering is a craft, not a commodity. We product bespoke solutions, tailored to our clients’ needs and budgets.

Constructive Discomfort

We are a diverse, high-class team. We’re upfront, give realistic assessments, and challenge our clients by exposing them to differing points of view. We firmly believe that this brings out the best in those we work with, challenging them to think more strategically and creatively about the products, services and business models that will enable them to succeed.

Continuous Support

We offer on-going support packages for all aspects of your website and/or web application. Support solutions can be tailored to the specific needs of the client including response times and provision of direct access to an engineer.

What Our Clients Are Saying

David Hamer

We have been impressed by their work, the speed of their development and their ability to quickly understand a business problem and propose workable solutions.

David HamerManaging Director, Health & Disability Auditing Australiahttp://hdaau.com.au
John Bates

FOX has approached this work with passion and professionalism. They are adept at listening to our requirements and ideas, whilst also offering their own creativity and honest critique...I recommend without hesitation.

John BatesGeneral Manager, Saunders & Cohttp://saunders.co.nz
Linda McCorkindale

Thank you so much for your efforts!

The website looked great and everyone was very impressed - in fact we (you all and me) got a round of applause for it, so thank you for making me look so good!

Linda McCorkindaleNew Zealand Marketing Executive, TL Jones Asia Pacific
Maia Jackman

I have worked closely with the Fox team on the development of our web app and have always been impressed by their development capabilities and the quality of advice I received.

They’re a great crew and I am happy to recommend them as development partners.

Maia Jackman Education Manager, Drug Free Sport New Zealandhttp://playtrue.co.nz
Carolyn Ball

Thanks so much... The advice you gave all the way through this process was invaluable and we really appreciate it.

We look forward to continue working with you and your great team.

Carolyn BallDirector, 100% Pure New Zealand Honey Ltdhttp://purenewzealandhoney.com