FOX HUNT (SEO + Marketing)

FOX HUNT is our website optimisation service and is designed to maximise your online exposure to your target market. Just like a bricks and mortar business, high visibility and being easy to find are important to an online business. 

“75% of users do not go beyond the first page of search results”
–          Search Engine Journal April 2012

How good is FOX HUNT? We guarantee superior search engine page ranking and significant performance gains are maintained over time not short term spikes. We are happy to demonstrate the proof by showing you the page rank results of clients who subscribe to our SEO service. 

FOX HUNT is the science of ensuring that your website is correctly optimised for the search engines, directories and mapping engines that people use to find it.

It’s also about researching and testing to find the ‘key stimulants’ that encourage your target audience to respond to your message(s) and/or products and ensures that the right traffic, not just lots of traffic, visits your site and that their experience of it is a positive one. A subscription to FOX HUNT is comprised of a package of time that our specialist will dedicate to optimising your website to ensure you are maximising the benefits of having it. 

Services include:

Competitor analysis (on-site and off-site); keyword and search phrase research; in page content review, markup review; current page score; snapshot of current back links and values; snapshot of current social media profile; third party directory profile; google analytics review.

Recommendations for on-site work; setting keyword priorities; create plan for establishing / updating third party directories; setting priorities for other off site work (niche directories, user content); Developing a social media strategy.

Updating page descriptions, page titles, page heading and menu optimisations; URL rewriting; site map updating; internal linking; image tag rewrites; file content optimising; set up and monitor Google Analytics; manual search engine submissions; local/niche directory submissions; markup and code optimising; social media profile updating; networking; social bookmarking; forum posting; etc.

3 monthly work status reporting and google analytics reporting.

Case Study – Saunders & Co Lawyers

#1 Google Search Result      #1 Google Map Result      #1 Adwords Result

Saunders & Co is a Christchurch based law firm with three offices located in the city.

With approximately 100 competing law firms in the city it is an imperative part of the Saunders & Co marketing mix that they feature highly in the relevant search results.

Research has demonstrated the importance of being at the very top of search results pages: if your company isn’t on the front page of a search results, then it effectively won’t be seen: 70% of users click on one of the top 3 results, with around 50% clicking on the top relevant result.

For Saunders & Co this is a simple equation, if they’re not at the top, these searches are resulting in customers going to their competition.

In August 2012, Saunders signed-up to Fox Hunt SEO service. When we first looked at their site rankings, we found the firm’s website to be appearing 12th in the organic results for “christchurch lawyer” – which may seem ok as a rank out of 100 but in terms of generating business it may as well have been nowhere. They were not appearing on the top 10 map results for local businesses at all. We had work to do.

There are many techniques that can be employed to improve the search ranking of your page, and there are also many things you can do to make sure you never get a good ranking (overloading keywords being just one). Google changed the way their search algorithm worked more than 500 times in 2012 and whilst it’s not an exact science it pays to know what you’re doing and employ only best practices.

We started by improving the some of the underlying code that makes up their web page. Google likes sites that it can make sense of when it crawls. And we made sure there was a dynamic sitemap that Google could understand. Next came ensuring that keywords were used properly. Google likes keywords, but marks you down severely when you’re trying to artificially bolster yourself. Then came building Saunders’s social profile, followed by ensuring that they were in all the right directories. We made sure all the boxes were ticked in Google’s webmaster tools as well. There are some other things we’ve done that we’d rather not promote – we can’t give away all our secrets.

We’re now proud and our client is extremely pleased that Saunders & Co ranks as the leading law firm result for the search term “lawyers christchurch”. Saunders & Co are also mapping 1st in the local business map listings.

Now some 70% of the traffic of the Saunders website is directly from search. We use Google Analytics to see how many people hit the homepage and how may end up going to the contact page in order to get in touch. SEO is a moving target – as your competitors invest in improving their search engine results, you need to stay one step-ahead to remain at the top. There are still plenty of things we can do to keep Saunders & Co one step ahead.

If you’re interested in our Fox Hunt package, get in touch as we guarantee dramatically improved results.


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    Mobile Website Development

    At Fox, we use the very latest “responsive design” techniques to ensure your business’ website works as well on any mobile phone or tablet, as it does on a desktop or laptop.

  • Custom Web Design & Development

    At FOX we specialise is the design and development of custom website and web applications that are tailored to the specific requirements of our clients and their customers. Innovation, responsive design, design aesthetic with a strong point of difference, and development agility are our core web development principles.

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    We have considerable experience and a high level of expertise in the design and development of custom web applications for hosted environments. Our focus is on interface and database design based on how people can, want, or need to work, rather than forcing the users to change how they work to accommodate the system.

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    Content Management Systems

    FOX offer websites built on top of web applications called Content Management Systems (CMS). These systems allow live editing of website content by users with no knowledge of HTML or web development and without the need to install any software.

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    FOX HUNT (SEO + Marketing)

    FOX HUNT is our specialist Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service designed to get your website ranking highly in online search results of the major search engines and most popular directory sites. How do you know we’re any good at this – ask to see our results.

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    Code Compliant Master Builders

    Fox builds secure, code-compliant sites using current best practices and technologies – guaranteed.

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    IA, UI, Code, Security Audits

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